Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt)

Assets of the Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt)

The Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt) administers in its buildings approximately 4.300 tones of dossiers and files which are stored in an area covering approximately 16.400 square metres.

The following documents and files are available at the WASt:

  1. Alphabetical Central Registry with over 18.000.000 record cards of persons who served in W.W.II (Soldiers of the Wehrmacht and members of other military/para-military organisations)
  2. More than 100.000.000 individual messages about postings between units during W.W.II
  3. Over 150.000.000 individual messages about unit losses in the Wehrmacht as well as other military formations during W.W.II
  4. In excess of 2.100.000 personal files on German naval personnel (Imperial German Navy, forerunner to the Reichsmarine, Reichsmarine, Kriegsmarine, German Minesweeping Service and drafted merchant seamen) for the period 1871-1947.
  5. More than 5.000.000 personal documents of the German Wehrmacht (Army- and Air Force personnel) for example identity cards, paybooks, etc.
  6. Over 15.000.000 files on German and Austrian forces and their allies who were POW´s (mainly in French, American and British custody). Release documents on transports (repatriations) from the East.
  7. Approximately 1.500.000 files (residue) on foreign POW´s in German custody.
  8. Gravecard Registry with 900.000 individual registrations for the First World War and 4.500.000 for the Second World War.
  9. Miscellaneous files and combined records as for example Army and Air Force List, Honours and Awards, etc