Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt)

Competence of the Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt)

The original documents of the former German Wehrmacht and other military/para-military organisations in W.W.II are essential to us when carrying out our tasking as laid down by law. These are not documents as covered by the Federal Archives law. The basis for usage thereof is laid down in the law covering the "Processing of Personal Data by the Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt)" of 26.01.93 (GVBL. Nr.7 of 30.01.93, 49th year).

According to this we are not allowed to convey related data of surviving combatants to private persons or institution outside the public area, unless the person in question can give permission. It is also not possible to provide informations on fallen or deceased soldiers without permission of the next of kin.

The following information and certificates are issued:

  • Providing certificates confirming a person was killed in action
  • Providing supporting documentation when applying for death certificates
  • Solving missing in action cases
  • Decoding of identity discs
  • Decoding of Field Post Office Numbers
  • Location of war graves
  • Administration of personal effects
  • Confirmation of Military Service
  • Providing certificates required by the Social Security Services, Pension office,
  • Veteran Administration etc.
    Verification of:
    Time spend as a POW
    Decorations and Honour Awards